Our History

Embedded at the slopes of Mount Etna there’s Etna Hills: The unique center capable of offering multisensorial experiences tailored on each client desire.

Discover the landscape beauties and the cultural and culinary heritage, all thanks to one structure: this is Etna Hills.

 The visionaire project is born in 2010, as a result of the study conducted on the best land in the etna area with the purpose of creating spaces and structures capable of embracing customers, allowing them to live the experience of Sicily in all various shades.

 On January 2017 started the Experience Project, located in Santa Maria di Licodia, Trecastagni e Acitrezza, already completed in 2010.

The main goal and the spirit that animates this project is to offer experiences articulated in tours, excursions and facilities declinated for each kind of sport, everything framed in the beautifull and unique Sicily. Our experiences are always customizable on the basis of all kind of needs.

Etna Hills is also